Scheme is nothing without execution. We help motivated organizations design scheme and put them to work. We get close to our clients. We learn their business. We develop especially designer, custom schemes that serve them best. Our clients are our partners. They have a stake in our solutions and we have a stake in their success.

Rahman IT supports the IT management of enterprises that aim for sustainable growth throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

Approach Planning

To support IT strategy and implementation, Rahman IT plans for an appropriate timetable and approach for implementation and promotes the optimization of IT investment with the view of the purpose and effect.

System Development to Operation

We believe that “in depth knowledge of business processes,” “advanced technological capabilities,” and “the control process that ensures maximum achievement of the objectives of the measures” are the three greatest keys to success. Our seasoned staff will make full use of the best practices, which have been proven through results for each objective, and provide powerful support to allow your company’ s strategies to take shape.

Cloud Implementation and Operation Support

In today’ s ever-changing business environment, it is a prerequisite for IT to be able to quickly adapt to business changes.
Cloud computing enables the realization of the two “I’s” without having to own proprietary hardware.


Cloud computing is a highly effective solution to IT utilization issues.
An enterprise will be able to reduce its hardware procurement, installation and maintenance costs by centralizing its massive data centers at a cloud service provider.

Additionally, by promptly making use of resources when needed and suspending use when no longer needed, an enterprise will be able to optimize its IT costs.

Moreover, as the necessary infrastructure may be developed quickly, it is expected to contribute to the improvement of business by answering to as many needs as possible.